Friday, November 17, 2006 almost 1 o'clock..on friday.sue is in her ROOM which is a large but a..lone in front of the desk.what's happen sue?shewas thinking about mrs north'smemories..............................just taught at first if the memories which are not allowed to see visually could make with colours which are the real world's one..
she was just worried about the connection between memories and 6 performers and puppets and the reaction..what is the relationship between mr , mrs north and 6 performers?
sad..wish for Mrs norh to her forever life..?if 6 performers would be related with mr,and mrs northes .........unreal performers and puppets..between them if the real colours ar existied by printing very slightly their life memories before showing by projector the real world which is inside house..!

the memorie colours and the personal odor could be represented by real world colors which gonna be used in house of Mrs north..what is the purpose..and inportant thing in our performance..? of audience when they ar coming in the theatre at first impression and what they ar doin?at first time to imagine our performance,in my head and eyes..i'm drawing the emotion of colours..and what the audiences could remind their funtum..?


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