Monday, November 13, 2006

if the origin of my work is a scandal,it is because,for me,the world is a scandal.............
this is from hans bellmer..i was thinking it means an artist who want try to show something which public doesn't want to mention about things such as violent sexual fantasies..but always they desire to do it..
yesterday i visited an exhibition of Hans Bellmer in whitechapel gallery.
i could say hans bellmer is one of my favorit artist based on my own project.
his drawings and photograph have the power tool for social critique and violent attack on streotypes. i felt what he want to critisize and tell is that i want to represent to my performance by another ways..its my own style and unique..

but i would like to question to myself and everyone..
what is new and what is could be more new artstic ..somethings..and i fell skepticism..


Blogger Lizzy McBain said...

I love your plan for life Sue! It's so lovely and optimistic xxx

3:23 PM  
Blogger sue said...

kk lizzy i would like to know ur life plan as well xxx!!^^

4:20 PM  

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