Monday, November 27, 2006

Not a Fairy Tale-performance in riverside studio

Today on Monday I was staying in screen print studio and went to see a performance with 8!! My lovely friends^^ even though today, my feeling was terrible I could quite enjoy this performance.

It was clever &fresh one as well as dark humorous piece.
I could have a question. Which performance is the better and successful performance piece?
The performers was full of activities and preparing lots of things quickly just during the performance, in my opinion, I could call that was analogue piece. I have always tried to see something high- technical performances, which are, used variety of multi-medias, lighting and screen effects. there were always more audiences and I was worried about the ticket would be sold out quickly. However I could feel something boring which always seemed similar and just wanted to show gorgeous technical skills without the focus. So in this position, this piece, which I called analogue performance, is quite successful one. What I want to say is I could see visual effects and narrative without high-tech multimedia skills.
What I am thinking is the director is sooo clever and accurate person who already considered performer’s movements. Without preparing too much, like instant, but there were so many things, which were already considered correctly.
Dark humorous piece, cause it was so funny and made me laugh but it had important meaning of our life and sadness during lifetime, which included hunger, a struggle for existence..
Director expressed these topics through looking like cartoon’s faces and make- up ridiculous, perhaps he would like to audience to feel unreal world and inside our unconsciousness.

Friday, November 17, 2006 almost 1 o'clock..on friday.sue is in her ROOM which is a large but a..lone in front of the desk.what's happen sue?shewas thinking about mrs north'smemories..............................just taught at first if the memories which are not allowed to see visually could make with colours which are the real world's one..
she was just worried about the connection between memories and 6 performers and puppets and the reaction..what is the relationship between mr , mrs north and 6 performers?
sad..wish for Mrs norh to her forever life..?if 6 performers would be related with mr,and mrs northes .........unreal performers and puppets..between them if the real colours ar existied by printing very slightly their life memories before showing by projector the real world which is inside house..!

the memorie colours and the personal odor could be represented by real world colors which gonna be used in house of Mrs north..what is the purpose..and inportant thing in our performance..? of audience when they ar coming in the theatre at first impression and what they ar doin?at first time to imagine our performance,in my head and eyes..i'm drawing the emotion of colours..and what the audiences could remind their funtum..?

Monday, November 13, 2006

if the origin of my work is a scandal,it is because,for me,the world is a scandal.............
this is from hans bellmer..i was thinking it means an artist who want try to show something which public doesn't want to mention about things such as violent sexual fantasies..but always they desire to do it..
yesterday i visited an exhibition of Hans Bellmer in whitechapel gallery.
i could say hans bellmer is one of my favorit artist based on my own project.
his drawings and photograph have the power tool for social critique and violent attack on streotypes. i felt what he want to critisize and tell is that i want to represent to my performance by another ways..its my own style and unique..

but i would like to question to myself and everyone..
what is new and what is could be more new artstic ..somethings..and i fell skepticism..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

2006-07 currently studying visual performance language in wimbledon college art

2007 after finish my ma course i will start to work by
media performance
SUe Kang,(during working in area of performance- projecting my own pieces of performace

2010 having a first SUe Kang's real situation performance in National theatre

2010-18 creating ,having experimental performances before marry with someone who could understand my mental of performance activities

2020 artist SUe kang's art pieces of performance exhibition in other countries ,cities such as New York, Sydney,Berlin,Tokyo,florence,etc.

Finally i will have an company which could be one of the most famous artdirect performance companies in the world.